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Sphero Robot with ActivPanel - Promethean STEM Feature (copy)

Visit the Promethean STEM Lab where we will show how Teachers and Students can incorporate STEM in the classroom with Promethean's ActivPanel. In this video we use ActivPanel to incorporate STEM with the Sphero 2.0 robotic ball.

Sphero has multiple apps that can be added to both the ACG and the ACG-OPS. The device connects through bluetooth and can be coded and controlled from the ActivPanel. Students can also connect Sphero to their device and mirror their coding up to the ActivPanel.

Recommended Bundle: ActivPanel, ActivConnect, Sphero 2.0, Sphero App, Sphero Edu App

About Sphero: Sphero Edu provides a toolset that is unbounded in its potential. While coding and 21st century skills are necessary, our program also goes beyond code by incorporating robotics and technology with collaborative STEAM activities, nurturing students’ imaginations in ways no other education program can.