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MakeBlock mBot with ActivPanel - Promethean STEM Feature (copy)

Visit the Promethean STEM Lab where we will show how Teachers and Students can incorporate STEM in the classroom with Promethean's ActivPanel. In this video we use ActivPanel to incorporate STEM with the MakeBlock mBot robot.

MBot (bluetooth version) can sync to the ActivConnect G and the ActivConnect OPS-G via bluetooth. The apps available to code the mBot are mBlock and MakeBlock, both available in the Google Play Store. Students can work with the app on the ActivPanel to code and control the mBot or work on their device and mirror their coding to the ActivPanel.

Recommended Bundle: ActivPanel, ActivConnect, MakeBlock mBot, mBlock App, and Makeblock app

About MakeBlock mBot: it is a programmable mechanical robot kit that has pre-set control modes that let children turn more complex ideas into reality. Makeblock’s block-based programming software enables beginners to simply drag and drop command blocks to program their mBot without need for coding experience. Children can not only use the preset controls for their robot, but write code for their robot and see it instantly respond to their instructions.